About Illisoft

Illisoft is a privately held company founded in 2020. The main business is software consulting. Illisoft office is located in Espoo, Finland, but by leveraging remote connections, Illisoft services are available all over the world. We operate in a network of highly skilled software development professionals, enabling us to carry through large projects from start to finish. Contact Illisoft and let us know about your software needs so we can work together to see what our network of experts can do to make your business more efficient.

Ilja Mäki

Ilja Mäki, the founder and CEO of Illisoft, started programming at the age of seven and has worked as a professional software engineer throughout his career, for more than two decades. Ilja’s strongest skill is C/C++ development on Windows platform, and he has the knowledge of other languages like Python, VB.NET, C#.NET, PHP, and JavaScript. In his career, Ilja has worked for companies such as Seven and Cisco, and brought various types of business-critical software projects successfully to completion. In the future, Ilja would like to work more and further develop his skills in web development, microservices, and Python.

What other people say about Ilja:

”Ilja is a solid programmer who can help and assist any developer with any task. His ambition to learn new things and to drive quality within the team is amazing. I would recommend Ilja for any kind of development tasks.”
– Ilja’s team mate at Cisco Systems

”Ilja is a precise and quality driven developer with desire to solve even the hardest problems. He is truly tried professional in C++. He is pleasant to work with and has excellent communications skills.”
– Ilja’s team leader at Cisco Systems

”After 12 years and two acquisitions, I know that Ilja is a highly skilled, detail and quality oriented developer who surely knows his C++. He is always prepared to learn, which is why he’s often been selected for tasks that require investigation in unchartered territories.”
– Ilja’s manager at Cisco Systems

Ilja started playing chess when he was four and later he played in national competitions. In his free time, Ilja enjoys motorcycle track racing and going to the gym. Ilja is on the board of Motorcycling support association.

Employee email addresses are in the format firstname.lastname@illisoft.com.